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WTB: Armani, coogi, ed hardy, polo, christian audigier, Levis, Louis vuitton jeans at

From: Linda Chen
Phone: 00865946665855
Country: China
Date: 06/30/2011
Time: 09:28:05 AM


WTB: Armani, coogi, ed hardy, polo, christian audigier, Levis, Louis vuitton jeans at
Kicksforsale Co.,Ltd is a very serious company. We supply kinds of brand Shoes, jeans, t-shirts ect.
We are always looking forward to having long-time business with all customers. Customer satisfaction is the everest goal of our company.
We supply many brands of shoes,nike shoes: AF1, jordan series(1-25), air max series, shox series, Dunk. Bape shoes, adidas shoes, Prada, Gucci and puma shoes etc.
Jeans: EVISU, Red Monkey, BAPE,BBC, ed hardy, Artful Dodger, True Religion, Laguna Beach, Rock Republic, DG, ED Hardy, Levis, Diesel etc.
T-shirt: Evisu, Bape, BBC, Laocste, ed hardy, christian audigier, Laguna Beach, artful dodger,LRG , Gino Green Global, ed hardy, polo ralph lauren, Louis vuitton etc
Hoodies/Jacket: Bape, BBC, Evisu, Red Monkey, LRG, 10deep, Juicy ,gino green global, canada goose, Louis vuitton, gucci, Moncler down, g-star etc.
Handbags: Chloe, Fendi, Dior, Channel, Gucci, LV, jimmy choo, polo, burberry, Chloe, prada, DG, polo, Mulberry, Dooney Bourke, Louis vuitton ect.
Watches: MontBlanc, Bape G-shock, Prosche, Omaga, Rolex, Jacob, Breitling, Gucci, Cartier and so on.
We offer latest styles, compentisive price, best quality and serive for customers.
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