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WTB: A F, Juicy, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Affliction, Victorias Secret Bikinis

From: Linda Chen
Phone: 00865946665855
Country: China
Date: 05/11/2011
Time: 07:09:38 AM


WTB: A F, Juicy, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Affliction, Victorias Secret Bikinis
Welcome to We, Kicksforsale Co.,Ltd, are based in Putian, China. We are able to offer you best price, safe shipping and top quality.
Here are the detailed products that we deal with:
Shoes: Nike Jordan, AF1, Dunk, air max, air shox, adidas, Puma, Prada, Timberland, Bape, Gucci, LV, Chanel, Lacoste, ed hardy, Christian Audigier.
Jeans: Evisu, Red Monkey, DG, Artful Dodger, Bape, BBC, Ed Hardy, gino green global, True Religion, Laguna Beach, Lrg Shmack Aka Stash House Rock Jeans Coogi
T-shirt: Evisu, Lacoste, Bape, BBC, Laocste, ed hardy, christian audigier, Laguna Beach, artful dodger,LRG, Gino Green Global
Hoodies/Jacket: Bape BBC LRG Evisu Kidrobot 10Deep CLH Ed Hardy Artful Dodger gino green global Christian Audigier Abercrombie Fitch.
watches: MontBlanc, Bape G-shock, Prosche, Omaga, Rolex, Jacob, Breitling, Gucci, Cartier and so on.
Handbags: Chloe, Fendi, Dior, Channel, Gucci, LV, jimmy choo, polo, burberry, Chloe, prada, DG, polo, Mulberry, Dooney Bourke, Louis vuitton ect.
We can ship to all over the world. Welcome to contact us by MSN: Or Yahoo:

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